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This site is a scam.First they wanted me to register on their unsecure site, and give them my login information.

I thought that was ridiculous. This day in age and they want me to just hand over my personal information to some site with a ton of reviews claiming they are a scam. Then they said they need my credit card information in order to proceed. I couldnt get a straight answer and all they wanted was my login info and my credit card.

I think this site will be down in a week at the rate they are going.It seems like its the same guys that ran which if you type in that domain it takes you to Both sites are a scam which is probably why collegecoursecompleters is now longer up and it goes to this new scam site boostmygrades

Monetary Loss: $150.

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hey i got some help and then they didnt i googled it and now i am shocked...if they report me to my school..

i would rather money is okay...i will not ask for refund or anything...but please anyone tell me they will not report me to my school...please..


Well I find it interesting that you had that problem with the service.I used the site for my class that was 5 weeks, not only did I get an A on the course, but they were reasonably priced and allowed me to communicate with my tutor the whole time.

Sounds like a reputation management scam on this message board. This and RipOff , Trying to make money on honest companies.

So sad.Thanks BoostMyGrades, you deserved this positive comment!


i actually got my class done for really cheap and it was done well. I had used them before, and was a little iffy because they were new, but they seem to have it together, and can really deliver grades.

I recevied a refund the time it didn't work out, and received a A on my communcations class.

What I like about Boostmygrades is they take virtually any class


They did the same thing to me too.I paid for two classes $900+ and paid them for an online book too and they only did the first 5 weeks in which the tutor was a foriegner and didn't do a good job and missed assignments.

They quit working after 5 weeks leaving me to complete the remaining weeks not knowing the information.I have called, emailed, facebook messaged,etc this company and they won't respond.


This is crazy because I experienced the same thing.They are very pushy and keep insisting you sign up on their site.

They sell your information to the schools and turn you in so the students get in trouble.This site is probably owned by an online school trying to stop cheating.

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